Cornea Specialty Care

At Galiani Ophthalmology Associates, we are proud to offer specialized Cornea services in addition to our comprehensive eye care. Dr. Elizabeth Derham is fellowship-trained in Cornea and External Disease; this training beyond residency is indispensable in the medical and surgical treatment of many eye conditions. These are some cornea conditions we commonly treat:

Dry eyes – There are many reasons eyes can be dry; we achieve our best results with a tailored approach. After assessing why the eyes are dry, we will work on a treatment plan together that best addresses the causes of dryness. Options include drops, oral medications, punctal plugs, amniotic membrane treatment, and intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy.

Recurrent erosion – Sometimes patients have continued discomfort after suffering a trauma to the eye (for example, getting scratched by a fingernail), even years after the initial trauma. Often times, this is best treated by resurfacing the cornea, either with a laser or instruments in the office.

Corneal edema – A common cause of corneal edema (or swelling of the cornea) is Fuch’s dystrophy, a hereditary condition, although trauma and other conditions can also cause this swelling. We have a specialized camera (specular microscope) able to take pictures of the microscopic layers of the cornea to help diagnose and follow these conditions. An advanced procedure, called ultra-thin endothelial keratoplasty can be used to alleviate the swelling.

Pterygium and pinguecula – These are growths on the white of the eye that can extend onto the cornea. Often, they give the eye a red appearance which patients find unsatisfactory. Dr. Derham uses the latest medications and surgical approaches to remove them.

Cornea scars – The cornea can become scarred for many reasons. If the scar is affecting the vision, laser or therapeutic cornea transplant can be used to visually rehabilitate the eye.

These are only some of the conditions we treat; please don’t hesitate to call if you think you may have any problem with your eyes!

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