General Dry Eye and Blepharitis

Dry Eye

Dry eye syndrome is a common condition that occurs when the eyes are insufficiently moisturized. Dry eye is not only irritating but can cause damage to the eye’s tissue. The eyes may become dry and irritated because the tears have a chemical imbalance or because there is a lack of natural tears.

Symptoms may include burning, itching, redness, pain, excessive tearing, photophobia (light sensitivity) and a foreign body sensation. Optimal treatments vary due to the type or severity of Dry Eye Syndrome. Treatments Dr. Galiani utilizes include PRN Omega Eye Capsules, Punctal Plugs, Lubrication Drops, Gels, Ointments and Restasis or prescribed medication.


Dry Eye Treatment | Blepharitis Treatment Doylestown PABlepharitis is a condition caused by chronic inflammation of the eyelids and eyelashes. Usually, the patient will experience redness, burning, pain, tearing, crusting and or flaking of the lid margins. This infection can cause (styes) or chalazions on the lid margins or can spread to the cornea. Patients with Rosacea commonly have blepharitis.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

Chronic dry eye and blepharitis can be very difficult to treat.  At Galiani Ophthalmology, we have a highly successful, revolutionary dry eye treatment for patients with persistent dryness despite the failure of previous strategies. This treatment is also very helpful for skin and eyelid changes related to rosacea.  Light therapy is applied to the lids in the office and the oil glands are expressed in this safe, quick, outpatient procedure.  This advanced technology reduces symptoms in approximately 90% of patients.

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