Panoptix IOL (Advanced Technology)

How is PanOptix IOL different than other trifocal lenses?

The PanOptix lens uses ENLIGHTEN® Optical Technology, a proprietary design that optimizes intermediate vision without compromising near and distance vision. It does so in two ways:

  • By maximizing the amount of light that reaches the retina, giving you crisp vision at every distance under various lighting conditions and
  • By setting the intermediate vision focal point to a distance that is well suited for today’s lifestyles.

So properly selected PanOptix patients can, for instance, read menus (near vision), work at their computer (intermediate vision) or play golf (far vision) with relative ease.

What are surgeons saying about this step forward?

This lens has enjoyed popularity since its introduction. Indeed, over 99 percent of patients participating in the PanOptix clinical trials in the U.S. said that they would choose the lens again if given a choice.

How do I know if I am good candidate for the PanOptix lens?

The best premium lens match relies upon an individual’s person’s eye shape, health and their lifestyle needs. We recommend the PanOptix lens for the subset of patients for whom it may provide the greatest service. We start by first using highly sophisticated tools to measure your eye’s shape, assess it’s other health status and understand it’s focusing characteristics at a time, prior to surgery.

While the PanOptix IOL is designed to provide good vision in most day-to-day situations without the need for glasses, you may find that your vision for a few detailed tasks (e.g., reading small print or threading a needle) can be further optimized by wearing glasses.

This is often the case with all intraocular lenses, so it’s important that you understand that there is no guarantee that you will not need still benefit from reading glasses for certain tasks, if you receive a PanOptix lens implant.

Is the PanOptix lens right for me?

Deciding to undergo an intraocular lens implant is an important undertaking that requires careful consideration of your health, your vision goals and your options. Exploring your options is best handled in the context of a face-to-face consultation with your doctor so that you can learn about the available intraocular lens options in a comfortable, professional and relaxed environment.

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