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  • Posted on: May 13 2021
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So I became a patient due to a flare-up of my iritis that of course happened on a weekend. I was currently in between ophthalmologists and had left a desperate message for Dr. Galiani hoping for an emergent appointment Monday as a new patient. It was so great, I got a call first thing Monday and got an appointment that day at 1:30! Everyone I encountered in the office was very pleasant and helpful. Dr. Galiani was so great and I felt very comfortable. This was not my first rodeo with the iritis flare and he listened to me and took my PMH into account. I ended up calling the office the next day with a request and Dr. Galiani personally called me to talk about what was going on, which is very impressive considering how busy his practice is. I would recommend him to everyone! He is a very knowledgeable and receptive doctor and will actually listen to you!

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