Dysport / Botox

Botox itself is a muscle relaxer made from bacteria. It’s been on the market for over two decades, and has been used to treat neurological disorders that cause muscle weakness. It’s also used for the treatment of migraines and other medical conditions. For wrinkle treatment, Botox is primarily used to treat dynamic wrinkles. These wrinkles occur naturally around the eyes and mouth, as well as in between your eyebrows. They become more pronounced with age. Botox injections relax the muscles near these wrinkles. Not allowing the muscles to move reduces the appearance of dynamic wrinkles. Botox is not used for fine lines caused by collagen breakdown. Your healthcare provider will inject the muscles that contribute to the specific wrinkles you want treated. The injection process itself takes just a few minutes with noticeable results within two weeks.

Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers also treat wrinkles on the face. They’re primarily used to treat smile lines, though the fillers can also be used to plump up the lips or cheeks. Sometimes, they’re used for hand treatments or to reduce the appearance of scars. Dermal fillers aren’t approved for plumping up other areas of the body, though, such as the breasts. Dermal fillers come in different forms, and like Botox, they’re injectable. Some are temporary and used primarily for soft tissues in the face along the smile lines.

What we offer


Dysport: Used for the treatment and prevention of fine lines and wrinkles. It is commonly used to treat glabella lines (forehead 11’s) and crows feet.



Botox: Used to temporarily reduce the appearance of fine lines and crows feet. It can also be used therapeutically in conditions such as blepharospasm.



Restylane: Used to restore volume and smoothness to the skin. It is commonly used to fill the lines between the corner of the nose/ lip (nasolabial folds), along with the corner of the mouth (marionette lines).




Restylane Lyft: Used to give a natural looking lift to the cheeks, nose, chin, hands and a variety of other areas.





Restylane Refyne: Used to soften laugh lines (nasolabial folds and marionette lines).  Great for maintaining natural facial expressions.


Restylane Defyne: Used to increase support under the skin to minimize the appearance of wrinkles. Commonly used for the treatment of nasolabial folds.




Restylane Kysse: Used to add volume to the lips. It smooths upper lip lines and enhances lip color. Designed specifically for the movement of lips and giving a natural-looking result.

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