How TEPEZZA Can Help Thyroid Eye Disease


What is the drug for?

TEPEZZA is a drug for the treatment of thyroid eye disease. For more information visit www.tepezza.com

Thyroid eye disease is a rare, autoimmune disease characterized by proptosis (a condition where the eyes are pushed forward and bulge outward) leading to eye pain, double vision and difficulty closing the eyelid.

How is this drug used?

TEPEZZA is an injection. It is given by a healthcare provider directly into the vein (an intravenous infusion) once every three weeks for a total of eight infusions. It takes about 60-90 minutes to receive the infusion.

What are the benefits of this drug?

After 6 months of treatment, a higher proportion of patients treated with TEPEZZA (71-83%) demonstrated reduction in proptosis in comparison to patients treated with placebo (10-20%).

in clinical studies TEPEZZA has been proven to:
  • Reduce eye bulging
  • Improve double vision
  • Provide relief from eye pain, redness, and swelling
  • Improve visual ability and improve physical appearance
2 out of 3 people taking TEPEZZA had little to no:
  • Eye pain including pain behind the eye and when moving the eye
  • Redness of the eye and eyelid
  • Improved double vision
  • Swelling of the eye and eyelid
8 out of 10 people taking TEPEZZA noticed:
  • Reduced eye bulging
7 out of 10 people taking TEPEZZA noticed:
  • Improved double vision
5 out of 10 people taking TEPEZZA noticed:
  • Their double vision completely go away

before and after TEPEZZA

Before and After TEPEZZA (Week 24)

Before and After TEPEZZA (Week 24)

Before and After TEPEZZA (Week 24)



Before TEPEZZA: “I began to experience ‘double vision.’ While driving, I became scared when I began to see double lights in oncoming traffic, and I couldn’t focus properly on the road.” “Within months, my eye was beginning to protrude from its socket. I felt that everyone was looking at my eye. I became extremely self-conscious of my appearance. I began wearing sunglasses when out in public to hide the eye bulging, and I would often refuse to have my picture taken. It was a large blow to my self-esteem.”

After TEPEZZA: “I began to notice that the swelling was going down, and my eye bulging was beginning to recede. My double vision seemed to disappear, and my eye was beginning to appear better. I resumed many of the activities that I had previously enjoyed such as pleasure reading, attending movies, and working on various crafts.”


Before TEPEZZA: “I started having problems completing everyday activities. At work, I sat in a dark room and often wore sunglasses while looking at the computer screen. Driving also became difficult. I drove with one eye closed due to severe double vision. I quit driving long distances and anywhere I was not familiar.” “I was told that I looked ‘bug-eyed’ and ‘tired.’ I became so self-conscious that I did not want to meet new people.”

After TEPEZZA: “I had a 2 mm reduction in proptosis (eye bulging) in one eye and a 3 mm reduction in the other. What does a 2 or 3 mm reduction in proptosis mean? For me, it made a real difference in my life.” “Now, I feel good about my appearance and I have resumed almost all of my previous activities. I am able to watch my kids play sports, drive at night, and work.”


Before TEPEZZA: “I started experiencing visual problems which affected my daily life. I slowly stopped reading because I couldn’t track the words on the page. Eventually, I stopped driving, relying on others for transportation.” “My eyes were protruding more and more each day. I felt freakish. In public, I felt like people were staring at me. I avoided having my picture taken as much as possible. I also avoided people I didn’t know, and I would look away or down at the floor.”

After TEPEZZA: “Towards the end of the infusions, my eyes started to look more normal. Visually, things started to improve. My ability to focus on reading materials improved.” “Now that I’ve finished treatment, I can read without eye strain. Walking over uneven ground is no longer a challenge. Running with the grandkids and hiking are back on the list. I can drive again. I feel comfortable having my picture taken and able to focus through the camera lens to take a picture.”


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